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Why you over-commit at work and how to stop right now.

Why you over-commit at work and how to stop right now.

We’ve all heard about the struggle that women had to get into the workforce for themselves and the fight they’ve had to continue building their careers and establishing themselves as excellent workers, deserving of promotions and high power AND high paying jobs.

But that old drive and the old requirement to prove oneself has continued to bleed into the way that women work even today and it’s causing a level of over-commitment to the job.

The Struggle Continues

Many women today still think along the same lines as our predecessors. We think about the struggle they had to prove themselves and to get further ahead in the business world and believe that we too have something to prove.

Only by working harder, working longer, working better can we achieve the levels that we want.

As a result, women tend to push themselves to do whatever it takes to be successful at their job, often relegating other things in their lives to the backburner while they focus on their job before everything else.

The effect of this, however, is that women often find themselves looking back and wondering what they’ve done with their life.

They have either avoided relationships and children entirely, fearing it would slow them down on their journey to the top, or have neglected them in that same journey.

They find that, by pushing themselves with the belief that ‘once I get there everything will be better’ they’ve continued to ignore many of the other things in their lives, like friends and family.

What we should do instead

It’s time to adopt a new mindset.

Is it really still necessary to push ourselves harder and harder to prove something? Or can we now take the opportunities that are there and relax somewhat?

When do men push themselves as hard as women have continued to do? When do they feel the same level of pressure that we have put on ourselves? By stepping back, it’s definitely possible to still get the job done, but also to take time for ourselves.

Say ‘NO’ without losing credibility

You aren’t required to say ‘yes’ every time your boss or co-worker asks you to do something.

They expect you to take no more than what you can accomplish. Let them know that you have a lot on your plate at the moment and you want to make sure everything gets done right, so you don’t want to take anything else on and stretch yourself too thin where the tasks and current project could suffer.


You’ll still come across as finding the job important and you’re going to keep yourself from feeling overworked and overcommitted.

Saying No once in awhile won’t hurt your credibility and it’s definitely not going to hurt your work ethic.

It’s going to show everyone that your first priority is making sure the job is done right, not that you’re the one to do it.
After all, if you stretch yourself too thin it’s just like stretching a rubber band. Eventually, it will break.

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