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About SavvyChick.com

Our Vision Of Where We Want To Take The Website

Our Vision

Empowering women through knowledge.

Our Mission

To provide women with information to make informed, intelligent decisions with confidence.

At SavvyChick.com® we know how fast paced and complex life is becoming. Every day there are new options to choose from, new ways of living and showing up in the world.

One of our main goals is to help you focus on what’s most important so your vision of a successful life becomes a reality…without feeling overwhelmed.

We hope to become your go-to resource.

A supportive community of women helping you make informed choices throughout the various stages of your life.

Men are welcome too, as SavvyChicks, we are open minded.

SavvyChick is here to empower all women — in all circumstances — to make the most informed and best choices.

Wherever you may be in your life, in your career, we want to help you live a life you are proud of, whatever that life looks like for you. While your best life will look different from others, the essentials for modern living remain the same.

Become a SavvyChick now and help us shape this website. We would love your feedback and input while we develop our content.

Please view our “Contact Us” page and take part in our short polls to tell us what topics are of interest to you. Help us create this website and community for women, by women (and men) who care.