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How To Be Your Best Self, A.K.A The Art Of Self-Improvement

How To Be Your Best Self, A.K.A The Art Of Self-Improvement

As much as we may try to put on a pretty face and post perfect looking pictures of our lives, the truth is that there is always room for self-improvement. If you’ve ever asked yourself what exactly self-improvement is, you’re about to get your answer.

It’s A Trick Question!

Your self-improvement techniques won’t and can’t be the same as everyone else’s.

Because if they were, we would all be the same.

But we’re not.

And we should all be grateful for that.

Now, even though everyone’s own self-improvement is unique to them, there are still some techniques we all need to focus on to make growing and becoming who we are truly happen.

Emotional Intelligence Is A No Brainer

Even if your emotions are more erratic than a roller coaster, you still learn how to handle them. If we can’t understand ourselves emotionally, bettering ourselves will be as impossible as finding a football fan who doesn’t have their eyes glued to the TV screen during The Superbowl.

No matter how much of an emotional person you are, you can’t let it take control of you like some people take control of the TV remote.

You get to choose how you show up and how you feel.

Feeling like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster?  Write it all down, and see what is triggering the ups and the downs, then take action to grow and improve.

Positive Language Chases Away The Negative

Positive language means different things to different people. Being positive doesn’t mean you stop being negative, we all have highs and lows, each and every day. But by staying more focused on the positive, acknowledging the negatives and turning them around as best you can, you will start to see a shift in your attitude and how you approach everyday life.

Put Yourself First Before Everyone Else

Nobody loves you more than you. Or, at least, that’s the way it should be. So make sure that your needs come first. As the flight attendant says – put your air mask on first, then help someone else.  You can’t fully show up and help others if you’re not taking good care of yourself, first.

You won’t get it all right every day. Actually, you’re unlikely to get it all right on any day. But by setting the intention when you wake, to keep these three areas in mind throughout the day, you’ll continue to show up as the best version of yourself that you can be..

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