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There’s a lot to cover when it comes to Housing.

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Housing Options

Everyone needs a place to live and for many people, having a place of their own is very high on their list of priorities. For the first fifteen to twenty years of our lives, most of us don’t have to give much thought to housing, rent or mortgage payments, property...

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Can A Single Woman Buy A House?

Can a single woman buy a house? Should a single woman buy a house? Answer to both questions: Yes, why not, everyone needs a place to live. Having said that I will now qualify it: Not every single woman, not every married woman, every single man, every married man or...

34 Housing

3 ways to save money to buy your first home

Setting aside money to buy a house is something that many people dream about.  If you’re a single woman interested in buying in a home, there are a few things to initially consider.  First up in this series is how to save money to buy your first home! Idea #1 The...

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Buying or renting, do your homework first

facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram Whether you are buying or renting, do your homework. It doesn't matter if you are considering buying or renting. If you have moved to a new region, the rules may be different than they were in the area from which you just moved....

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