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Forget the Glass Ceiling: How to handle hitting a brick wall in your career

Forget the Glass Ceiling: How to handle hitting a brick wall in your career

Most people in business worry about hitting the “glass ceiling,” but the truth is, escalation to the top begins with smacking into several proverbial brick walls in your career first. If you hit enough of those “brick walls,” you may find that you have to take a different direction with your career.

When you need to reassess and improve your current job, here are a few tips for getting through a wall and moving down the road.

Make Lists

Lists work. Looking at your lists helps you figure out patterns and determine your next step. You can even do lists during downtime at the job you currently have.

A few examples to consider:

  • Constant complaints of your boss
  • What you have done to fix your boss’s complaints
  • What has not worked, and what has
  • What other concerns have previous bosses brought to your attention to improve
  • What types of jobs and responsibilities have you had difficulty with

These lists help you understand the pitfalls you keep stepping into, what you can avoid when you know it doesn’t work and what you can try next before taking an entirely different direction with your life.

Another set of lists for you to do work on:

  • What you like to do and what makes work enjoyable
  • What you would rather be doing
  • What related career options are available and connect to the previous two points/lists
  • Daily searches for those careers
  • Exploring what other skills or education you may need

Now you are starting to turn a corner, or move around that brick wall that is in your way.  But what happens if you decide to completely shift directions and change your career?  That’s what we’ll explore in the next post…

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