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Forget the Glass Ceiling: How to handle hitting a brick wall in your career

By Posted on 2 m read 40 views

Most people in business worry about hitting the “glass ceiling,” but the truth is, escalation to the top begins with smacking into several proverbial brick walls in your career first. If you hit enough of those “brick walls,” you may find that you have to take a different direction with your career.

When …

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Why you over-commit at work and how to stop right now.

By Posted on 3 m read 18 views

We’ve all heard about the struggle that women had to get into the workforce for themselves and the fight they’ve had to continue building their careers and establishing themselves as excellent workers, deserving of promotions and high power AND high paying jobs.

But that old drive and the old requirement to prove oneself …

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Staying True to You When You Have a Boo: Maintaining Your Sense of Self in a Relationship

By Posted on 2 m read 15 views

When you get into a relationship, it can be quite easy to get all wrapped up in your new romance and your new partner. New relationships are exciting and fun and full of possibilities.

But, as fun and exciting as a new relationship is, you also always want to be sure that you …

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The 10 ‘Ps’ to Making Your Money AND Health Goals a Reality

By Posted on 5 m read 32 views

I read an article recently by a well known financial blogger in which she candidly detailed the dichotomy between her health and financial successes.

In it, she explains that, while she’s always felt fully in control of and able to reach her financial goals, her health and fitness goals have eluded …

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5 Ways to Take Control of your Life

By Posted on 2 m read 13 views

In this day and age, women are surrounded by the social expectations of simultaneously raising children, nurturing their relationships and thriving to become a pioneer of their chosen careers, delivering new ideas and fresh perspectives on a historically male-dominated work force.

These expectations, coupled with the prospects of maintaining a social life, being …

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