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Author: Rosalie Nelson

How To Be Your Best Self, A.K.A The Art Of Self-Improvement

As much as we may try to put on a pretty face and post perfect looking pictures of our lives, the truth is that there is always room for self-improvement. If you’ve ever asked yourself what exactly self-improvement is, you’re about to get your answer. It’s A Trick Question! Your self-improvement techniques won’t and can’t be the same as everyone else’s. Because if they were, we would all be the same. But we’re not. And we should all be grateful for that. Now, even though everyone’s own self-improvement is unique to them, there are still some techniques we all...

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How to…change careers

There are many reasons that people seek a shift in careers. Most of us were told by our parents, family, and friends that a certain career or job was the best thing for us. Much like a pair of new shoes, these ideas were dangled before us by those who truly believed they knew who we were. However, the age-old paradigm of “if the shoe fits, wear it” especially applies to getting the career that you feel most passionate about. Think about it. If a pair of shoes hurt your feet and give you blisters, would you want to...

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Top 5 Ways to Be a “Conscious Dater”

by Amie Leadingham As a Master Certified Relationship Coach, I dedicate myself to helping men and women around the world develop a better dating mindset as well as give them relationship building tools that will help them find, attract, and keep the partner they have always dreamed of. There are many paths to finding that special someone, but as a coach, I don’t think there is anything more powerful than when a person gains Consciousness in the dating game… aka they become a Conscious Dater. Webster’s defines Conscious as being “awake and able to understand what is happening around...

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Forget the Glass Ceiling: How to handle hitting a brick wall in your career

Most people in business worry about hitting the “glass ceiling,” but the truth is, escalation to the top begins with smacking into several proverbial brick walls in your career first. If you hit enough of those “brick walls,” you may find that you have to take a different direction with your career. When you need to reassess and improve your current job, here are a few tips for getting through a wall and moving down the road. Make Lists Lists work. Looking at your lists helps you figure out patterns and determine your next step. You can even do...

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Why you over-commit at work and how to stop right now.

We’ve all heard about the struggle that women had to get into the workforce for themselves and the fight they’ve had to continue building their careers and establishing themselves as excellent workers, deserving of promotions and high power AND high paying jobs. But that old drive and the old requirement to prove oneself has continued to bleed into the way that women work even today and it’s causing a level of over-commitment to the job. The Struggle Continues Many women today still think along the same lines as our predecessors. We think about the struggle they had to prove...

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