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9 things you need to do to nail an interview

9 things you need to do to nail an interview

Tips for Interviewing For a New Job

Even with all the technological advances, interviewing is still how everyone finds jobs in the 9-5 world.

When deciding whether you’re a good fit for the job, your interviewer will be taking everything into account, including what you’re wearing, the questions you ask and non-verbal clues.

Here are 9 things you need to know to ace that interview.

The 9 tips below will increase your chances of being successful when interviewing for a new job:

1. Conduct research on both the new potential employer and area of work.

2. Dress appropriately. You should choose clothes that are appropriate for the business and professional.

3. Perform a rehearsal interview. Conduct a mock interview (either with just yourself or ask a family member to play the interviewer) and prepare questions as well as answers on how you would respond during the interview. Doing this not only prepares you for what may be asked and how to answer the questions but will also help you develop confidence when the actual interview takes place.

4. To avoid additional pressure and stress, you should plan to arrive early for the interview – at least 30 minutes before. This helps you to adjust your appearance, take a few deep breaths plus avoid being late due to traffic.

5. First impressions are always vital. The way you respond to the very first question or greeting tells a lot about your personality. In this step, your appearance also counts. A broad smile and friendly rapport can help you gain confidence from the interviewer(s).

6. When answering the questions by the interviewing panel, ensure you are precise and brief – to the point. Avoid unnecessary stories. When answering, you should also be mindful to avoid sensitive topics or negative responses.

7. Body gestures and movements are components of communication. Be cognizant of your body language as they can have a great impact on interviewers.  Sit up straight, don’t slouch, be confident in both your body and the language you’re using.

8. When being interviewed, you should ask questions of insight to show the interviewers that you’re very interested in the position as well as working for their company.

9. Lastly, show gratitude to the interviewers for the chance they gave you to be interviewed. Both at the end of the interview but also as a follow up email or handwritten note.


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